2nd Annual

International Day of the Transgender Child

May 20th, 2018

Creating a better world for transgender youth and their families.


What is the Day of the Transgender Child (DOTC)?

Observed on May 20 every year, DOTC is a celebration of transgender youth. With ever-increasing societal awareness of transgender experiences, young people are identifying as transgender in greater numbers and at earlier ages and their families are supporting them to a greater degree than ever before. DOTC recognizes this growing demographic and their unique needs. On this day, individuals and organizations around the world work create a better world for transgender youth and their families.


2018 DTOC Theme

This year’s theme is “creating a better world” (#TransFormOurWorld). It has been a hard year and a half for transgender youth. Trans youth are being targeted by new policies under the current administration and lawsuits filed to defend the rights of transgender youth have been pushed back. However, amazing things are happening all around the world. Places like Minnesota, Maryland, and Quebec, to name a few, are adopting guidance and policies that create safe and supportive learning environments for transgender youth. Organizations around the globe are taking steps to create a world in which transgender youth know they have the right to exist – a world where transgender youth know they are valued and loved. We are all doing what we can to create a better world for transgender youth and their families.


The history of DTOC

Transforming Families MN (TFF) created DOTC in May 2017, and it was first recognized the same year in a state-wide proclamation from Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton. TFF hosts an annual May picnic celebration of the transgender youth in our community. TFF is an organization working to create a better world for transgender youth and their families by providing support groups and advocating for the rights of transgender youth. Find out more about Transforming Families MN at www.tffmn.org


Questions, Comments, Media Inquiries

For questions, comments, or media inquiries, you can contact us at info@tffmn.org.



Transforming Families MN invites you to join us for a very special celebration and fundraiser: the first annual International Day of the Transgender Child. 
Join us for food, music, activities for youth, some special guests, and a silent auction. People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome! 

Suggested donation: $? per person or $? per family.


Hidden Falls St. Paul

Hidden Falls Park
1415 Mississippi River Blvd S
Saint Paul, MN 55116
(651) 632-5111


DOTC 2018